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Quickly and effortlessly crop JPG, PNG or GIF image files online for free

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How to Crop A Picture/An Image Online?

Upload Your Image

Upload the image you want to crop from your computer

Determine the crop rectangle

Draw a crop rectangle on the image or choose the cropping options from the sidebar

Download and Share

Save your cropped image and share it directly to social media like FB,INS

Why Need to Crop Images?

Did you ever take a picture with elements more than you wanted in it? How will you fix it? Cropping a picture is a great way to eliminate things you don't want in a photo, so you can control how it looks and gain control over your images. With ONEIMG’s imager cropper, you can choose what size to cut it down to, and with a few clicks, you can get rid of anything you don't want.

Mass Image Cropper Online

Crop an image in 3 steps without costing a penny online

Custom Cropping Options

With ONEIMG, you can easily customize your image-cutting settings. You can set your cutting rectangle by telescoping the four corners of the rectangle or by changing the parameters (height and width of the rectangle) in the sidebar. Cut out unwanted parts from your photography in seconds.

Quick, Easy, and Free to Use Image Cutter

No registration or sign-in is required, just enter the website of the online image cropper. The operation interface is simple and intuitive which will guide you to the photo cropping tool smoothly. Crop images easily by drawing a crop rectangle on them. What’s most important, no need to pay for the image editing tool and save and share your cropped image to Facebook, INS and more.

Crop Photo Without Losing Quality

In ONEIMG's photo cropper, you can crop to your heart's content without worrying about any quality loss. To make your photographs fit any size frame, simply upload them and then select the crop size by dragging the box's corners. Don't think twice about using ONEIMG's no-cost image cropping service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this free photo cropping tool available for iPhone and Android?
Use ONEIMG’s photo cropping tool to crop pictures at your fingertips! ONEIMG works with both Apple and Android phones, and its powerful software performance makes it also suitable for all operating systems, whether it's Window, IOS, Linux, and Unix. You can turn vertical pictures into horizontal ones on the go with just one tap.
    How can I crop a picture faster?
    It’s better to use ONEIMG’s online image cropper if you wish to fasten the speed of cropping an image. Thanks to its simple operation steps, you can cut out images in a matter of seconds with just a few clicks. And you don't need to download any software. Similarly, if you have many images waiting to be cropped, it is very simple for ONEIMG, which supports batch cropping of images to help you save time and increase efficiency to the maximum.
      How do I cut out part of a picture?
      That's not hard at all. Open ONEIMG, the best picture cropper, and upload the image you want to crop. Then, drag the corners of the box to change the size of the cut. To make it official, click the ‘Crop images’ button. You can quickly cut out any part of any picture.