Old Photo Restoration

Repairing damaged photos cannot be simpler in this AI tool, done in one click

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How to Restore Your Old Photos?

Upload Your Photo

Upload or drag & drop it into the feature zone

One-click Repairing

AI tech recognizes and begins restoring your old photo

Save Your Refined Photo

Download the resulting photo after process finished

When to Use Old Photo Restoration?

If there are no nearby providers of old photo restoration services, ONEIMG can fix and restore old photos online that have faded, yellowed, or been damaged due to improper storage, frees you from going out .

Restore Old Photos Online with AI Assisted

Seamless old photo restoration solution to bring them alive effortlessly

Smart Old Photo Restoration Tool

Fully exploited AI-powered photo editor, ONEIMG makes old photos come alive. Old photo restoration enhances not only the color, clarity, and image resolution but also the human faces identified by AI automatically.

Market-leading Old Photo Colorization

Use ONEIMG photo restorer for online coloring of your old photographs, increasing the image clarity and smartly adding natural colors to them while repairing. Get crisp and wonderful effects without extra expertise or technical skills.

Free to Restoring Your Faded Photos

At ONEIMG, everyone has the accessibility to high-quality aged photo restoration services, regardless of their budget. Pick up your old photos from gathering dust any longer. That's why we offer free photo restoration for all of our users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is photo restoration?
Photo restoration refers to the digital process of repairing and restoring old or damaged photographs, aimed to bring them back to the original as much as possible. ONEIMG can help you to restore your old photo online. The restoration includes upscaling the image resolution and enhancing the quality of old or damaged photographs or adding colors to the photo by AI recognition automatically.
    How does ONEIMG's old photo restoration work?
    The feature of old photo restoration is backed by powerful AI technology, automatically recognizing and performing where the damaged or faded photo to be sharpened, colorized, unblurred, and enhanced without leaving any traces.
      Can I do it on my mobile phone?
      Yes. Fix your damaged photo directly on your PC or smartphone, no need for software installed. With ONEIMG assisted, the intelligent old photo editor, helps you easily remove all the noises and bring back lost colors to your pics.